M60GNZ / M60G – NZSA 5 STAR rated


Two automatic engine immobilizers
Protects bonnet, boot and all doors
Digital Battery back-up siren with battery isolating keys
2 stage impact sensor (not included in M60GNZ)
Microphone glass break sensor Chirp and indicator confirmation
2 x 3 button remote controls (SAW 303MHz)
Lithium remote batteries for long life
Built-in 1 to 5 minute Turbo timer
Hyper Blue dashboard LED
Silent arm/disarm by remote Sensor disable by remote
Optional electric boot release by remote
‘Panic’  by remote 4 digit PIN code override
Standards black wiring and concealed main plug
Built-in central locking relays (saves on cost of installation)
3 year product warranty

Programmable Features

Turbo timer runs time- 1 to 5 minutes
Ignition safety door locking
Door diagnostics / dome light delay bypass
Siren / horn output
Chirps on/off Central locking pulse length
Turbo timer interface for external timer
‘+’ & ‘-‘ door trigger by jumper