At Howick Auto Center & Electrical we are authorised specialists in servicing and repairing any make and model of vehicle. Using the latest equipment we can diagnose and repair any fault. You will save time and money and you will keep your car on the road for much longer. Call to book your car in today.

Our Mechanical Repair Services Include



The importance of brake repairs should never be overlooked. That’s why Howick Auto have invested in the latest high tech VTEQ Vehicle Brake Inspection centre, to carry out full brake tests accurately with precision for efficient repair. ABS is no problem to our trained technicians. We have the latest electronic equipment to repair modern ABS braking systems.

It is recommended by most OE Manufacturers that brake fluid should be flushed every 2 years to stop contamination.

Brake problems are no problem at Howick Auto.



Cambelt replacement is between 60,000 – 80,000km or every five years (which ever occurs first).

At Howick Auto we have all manufactures recommended service information.

A cam belt has a limited life and if ignored can lead to catastrophic engine damage. Sometimes when replacing cam belts additional parts such as tensioners, idler bearings, oil seals, water pump, may need to be replaced. We check all of these things and let you know their condition.



The job of your radiator is to cool the coolant flowing throughout your engine. If there’s a blockage or a leak, your engine can quickly overheat and your vehicle will break down. Coolant leaks are caused by cracked or ill-fitting hoses or a hole in the radiator itself. Radiator metal is thin and easily damaged, but the number one cause of coolant leaks is corrosion. The primary cause of corrosion is a lack of routine maintenance.

That’s why it’s so important to see Howick Auto on a regular basis for a flush and coolant replacement.



Howick Auto carries out a full clutch replacement service for all makes and models. We check the free play and adjustment in the clutch cable and adjust if necessary.

We check the clutch fluid hydraulic system including replacement and reconditioning of all hydraulic parts. In addition, we provide a clutch fluid flushing service which is recommended every two years by most OE Manufacturers.



We are you cooling system experts. When it comes to your radiator, or any other part of your vehicles cooling system, we are the ones to see.

Your cooling system plays an important role in your vehicle’s performance. Left alone, an engine would become extremely hot, overheat and even begin to melt. The cooling system helps keep your engine cool, and running.



A cooling fan circulates air through the radiator so that it can release engine heat into the surrounding air. The fans can be mechanical or electric. If the cooling fan malfunctions, your engine can quickly overheat.

Howick Auto will inspect your cooling fan and make sure the drive belt, that makes it turn, is not loose or cracked. We can also repair and replace damaged fans.



The coolant reservoir indicates the level of coolant in the system. Howick Auto can check this during every service.



Your vehicle’s water pump is the heart of your vehicle’s cooling system. If your water pump fails your car will run hot, overheat and cease to function.



Our highly trained technicians can help trouble shoot, diagnose and recommend options for repairs. Talk to us today about replacement or upgrading your turbocharger.



A pressure cap is sometimes, but not always, called the radiator cap. It may be on the radiator, or on the coolant reservoir.

A pressure cap should be inspected at least once a year. It’s important your Howick Auto technicians do the inspection.

A cap that’s taken off while the engine is still hot could result in severe burns from the spray of boiling coolant.



Antifreeze has anti-corrosive properties. It flows through your radiator and engine and keeps everything working at the right temperature. You can count on Howick Auto to keep your car cooling system operating safely and efficiently.

We recommend having coolant replacement performed according to your vehicle recommended maintenance schedule, which is usually every 2 years.



The thermostat is a valve that regulates the flow of coolant based on coolant temperature. A poorly performing thermostat can result in overheating, engine knocking, poor fuel economy and more.

At Howick Auto we will check your thermostat during an inspection of your cooling system.



One of the most common symptoms of worn CV joint is an incredibly annoying clicking noise, which you hear from the wheels every time you go around a corner. Worn CV joints are a safety issue not to be ignored. It is possible for the CV to drop out or even seize. Whenever you have any servicing done under the vehicle have the CV boots checked.

Every 4 years or 40,000km the CVs should be inspected and new CV boots and grease installed.



At Howick Auto, we service and repair all types of differentials for vehicles of any make and model. It is vital to keep differential oil changed regularly. The most obvious early signs of trouble with a differential or transfer case are knocking or clunking sounds, rumbles or oil leaks.

Whether we repair or service, we always test your differential or transfer case to ensure it works perfectly.



If your drive belt breaks, all of the engine parts it is powering will stop working. Your engine could overheat and be damaged. It’s very important to have your drive belt inspected.

We will look for cracks, wear, and stripping—all signs your drive belt is in danger of failing. It’s recommended to have your drive belt inspected every time you have your vehicle serviced.

Warning sounds include a screeching noise coming from your engine, especially during start-ups on cold mornings or on sharp turns.



If your vehicle shudders during acceleration, that could be a sign of a loose U-joint or a faulty centre bearing. Similarly, if you hear a loud clunk during shifting it may be time to have the U-joints replaced. Roughness, clicking noises or a squeaking sound at low speeds may also indicate driveline trouble.

At Howick Auto, we are driveline experts. When it comes to anything under your vehicle from transmission service to fluid replacement, we will make sure your vehicle is at its peak, both in performance and safety-wise.



We carry out emission testing to make sure your vehicle is running efficiently and meeting the emission standards. If we find any problems within your fuel system we have the diagnostic equipment to determine the cause of the increased emissions.



Regular engine tune ups are the best thing you can do for you vehicle. Our tune up services can make your vehicle run more fuel efficiently and ensure it is starting and running properly. With our special tuning equipment, we can identify early stage problems before they become more serious and costly to fix.

Symptoms indicating that your car is due for engine tuning may include excessive use of fuel, the engine may be miss firing or stalling or the engine check light may even be on.



Most People think their vehicle exhaust system is designed only to reduce noise but it is also responsible for reducing harmful emissions from entering the atmosphere.

A properly functioning muffler and exhaust system not only sounds better, they are better for you, your vehicle and the environment. Who wants harmful gases getting into their vehicle?

We carry out any type of exhaust repairs.



The importance of good suspension and shock absorbers should never be overlooked.
We have the latest high tech vehicle suspension and shock absorber inspection centre to test all suspension and shocks, no matter what make or model vehicle. It gives us an accurate report of the condition of your suspension and shock absorbers.

Poor suspension and shock absorbers have a huge effect on your vehicle braking distance and handling of vehicle, making it unsafe. We believe in keeping your vehicle up to a safe standard with excellent braking and handling.



Our trained technicians will keep your car’s steering in top shape. We can service your rack and pinion steering system by checking the power steering pump belt, fluid level and condition, hoses, and the unit itself.

Power steering systems should never get over looked. Draining and flushing your power steering fluid regularly will keep your power steering running smoothly and reduce bigger repair bills later.



Transmission repair is a major, time consuming, and more often, expensive automotive repair.

That’s why it’s so important to keep your transmission properly maintained.

The most important thing we do is change your transmission fluid. This is important because over time, as your transmission wears, bits of metal from the gears will contaminate the fluid. In addition, the extreme heat generated by an automatic transmission will cause the fluid to break down.

We recommend following your vehicle manufacturer’s maintenance schedule for complete and proper care of your vehicle. However, it’s important to check your fluid levels every time you have your oil changed. Low fluid levels can seriously damage your transmission.

Regularly scheduled maintenance service can help you avoid costly repairs—especially when it comes to transmission repair.



Carbon Build-up is your vehicle’s unseen enemy

Millions of cars today run at a considerable level of reduced efficiency. This is due to the high concentration of carbon deposits accumulated in the fuel injection system, intake valves, combustion chambers, oxygen sensor and catalytic converter.

Carbon build-up clogs fuel filters, reduces fuel flow, distorts fuel spray patterns, limits fuel automation and decreases combustion efficiency. Carbon build-up gradually robs your vehicle of performance and fuel economy, and may cause numerous problems such as engine malfunction, high emissions, excessive fuel consumption, loss of performance, rough idling and hard starts.

A carbon clean service will repair driveability problems, eliminate hesitations, hard starts, rough idling or lack of power, will reduce harmful emissions, lower smoke opacity, improve fuel economy, and increase gas milage.



Wheel alignment extends the life of your tyres, provides significantly better gas
mileage, a more comfortable ride, and makes your car safer.

Howick Auto has the latest high-tech vteq alignment test lane.

If you feel your car pulling to the left or the right, that could indicate improper wheel alignment. Other signs include excessive or uneven tyre wear, a shimmy or vibration in your steering wheel, off centre steering or an overall feeling of wandering or looseness in your vehicle.

Maintaining your car’s wheel alignment not only improves your vehicle’s safety, it improves your car’s handling and gas mileage as well.

Howick Auto can help you with an alignment service using the latest state-of-the-art equipment to ensure precision and accuracy.



There are many signs you may need new tyres, such as uneven wearing of the tyre, noise, the steering wheel is not straight, or your vehicle may be pulling to one side. We carry a range of tyres with a full fitting and balancing service as well as wheel alignment. We can also repair punctures if the puncture is repairable.