M60i (upgradable to an alarm) – NZSA 3 STAR rated


Dual Circuit Automatic Immobilization
2 x 3 button Remote Controls (SAW 303MHz)
Keyless Remote Central Locking (Refer Note)
Indicator confirmation
Blue Dashboard Warning Light (LED)
4 Digit PIN Code Override
Security Re-arm and Re-lock (Refer Note)
Built-in 1 to 5 Minute Turbo timer
Built-in Central Locking Relays
Standards Black Wiring
Concealed Main Plug
Optional Boot Release – Ch2 output (Refer Note)
Optional siren to give alarm function of bonnet, boot and doors (by adding the siren, the M60i becomes 4 Star)
3 year warranty on product
Optional impact or glass break sensor

Programmable Features

Can be upgraded to other M60 model specifications at any time by adding a siren and sensor/s
Ignition Safety Door Locking (Refer Note)
Automatic (Passive) door lock (Refer Note)
Optional horn honk for intrusions
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